Risk Services

Assist the University in achieving its primary goals of education, research, and service with minimal disruption from adverse events.

Utilizing an enterprise risk management philosophy and strategy, we collaborate, advocate for, and establish sound, proactive, and sustainable academic and administrative practices that are aligned with the University鈥檚 risk tolerance and business strategy.

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Claims & Incidents
The Risk Services Claims unit maintains a staff of claims professionals to assist individuals and departments who have sustained a loss or injury. 
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Emergency Management and Planning

The 澳门彩开奖 is committed to the training and continuing evaluation of the emergency plans in place in happenstance of a large-scale emergency.

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The 澳门彩开奖 is self-insured for major types of coverage (auto, liability, property, workers鈥 compensation, etc.) through a pool of funds maintained by the System Office of Risk Services. 

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Occupational, Health and Safety  

The 澳门彩开奖 is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors at all of our many campuses throughout the state.

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Enterprise Risk Management    
Enterprise Risk Management model for strategic decision-making processes of the University of Alaska.
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Forms & Applications Library
Library of commonly used forms and applications.
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Procedure & Guide Library

Library of common procedures and guides.

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Regulatory Postings
Insurance and employment notices.
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Contact SW Risk Services
The System Office of Risk Services Directory.