Did you know the 澳门彩开奖 is championing Arctic expertise with its groundbreaking new initiative?

July 9, 2024

The UA Arctic Leadership Initiative, a strategic priority of UA President Pat Pitney and the Board of Regents, aims to equip students and early career professionals with the foundation and network needed to lead in the rapidly changing Arctic environment.

Why it matters: The Arctic region is undergoing unprecedented changes due to climate change and increased geopolitical interest. By fostering Arctic expertise, UA is ensuring that Alaskans are at the forefront of addressing these challenges and opportunities.

Driving the news: President Pat Pitney recently announced the inaugural cohort of the "President鈥檚 Arctic Professors." This distinguished group will spearhead the initiative and contribute to UA鈥檚 mission of enhancing Arctic research and leadership.

The big picture: The Arctic Leadership Initiative is designed to:

  • Develop pathways for future leaders who will influence the Arctic.
  • Elevate and empower individuals to drive Alaska's future.
  • Enhance UA鈥檚 reputation as a center of Arctic expertise.
  • Strengthen partnerships with governments, communities, and businesses to advance Arctic opportunities for Alaska.

Meet the President鈥檚 Arctic Professors:

Dr. Larry Hinzman
Larry Hinzman in winter jacket

  • Former Assistant Director of Polar Sciences, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.
  • Executive Director, Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee.
  • Former Vice Chancellor for Research, UAF.

Jeff Libby
Libby standing in farm field

  • Principal Investigator, ADAC-ARCTIC, UAA.
  • Director, Center of Strategic Partnerships and Research, UAA.
  • Director, Applied Environmental Research Center, UAA.

Dr. Erica Hill
Erica hill in front of a white wall

  • Professor of Anthropology, UAS.
  • Former Program Director for Arctic Social Sciences, NSF.
  • Fulbright鈥揘SF Arctic Research Scholar, 2016鈥2017.

What they're saying: 鈥淭he Arctic Leadership Initiative will build pathways for future leaders who will influence the Arctic,鈥 said UA President Pat Pitney. 鈥淭he world is coming north, and Alaska needs leaders, advocates, and scholars who can help us drive our own future. This initiative will intentionally develop, elevate, and empower those people, and I am thrilled that the 澳门彩开奖 will be the tip of the spear in those efforts.鈥

Zoom in: Dr. Larry Hinzman has extensive experience in polar sciences and has held significant roles in national and international Arctic research organizations.

Jeff Libby has been instrumental in student engagement and has led major research initiatives focused on Arctic domain awareness.

Dr. Erica Hill brings a wealth of archaeological and anthropological expertise, with a global research background and significant experience in Arctic social sciences.

What's next: Over the next two years, the President鈥檚 Arctic Professors will receive salary support as they dedicate their expertise to advancing the Arctic Leadership Initiative and other UA programs aimed at increasing the university鈥檚 impact on Arctic activities.

The bottom line: UA鈥檚 Arctic Leadership Initiative is a critical investment in the future of the Arctic. By leveraging the expertise of distinguished faculty and fostering new leaders, UA is ensuring that Alaskans will play a pivotal role in shaping the Arctic's future.

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